Saturday, March 8, 2014

News Release March 8th 2014

There are currently many rumors circulating around involving Phoenix Fire Publishing As the Sole Owner and  CEO of the company I wanted to address this issue personally.

Phoenix Fire is like a family. We are not your norm of the mill publishing company. We laugh together, cry together, and are team players when it comes to working together.

We support each other through the good times and the bad. We have a freelance staff that is not contracted to us but does amazing work. Our editors, cover artists, etc, all make Phoenix Fire's books shine through and through.

At Phoenix it is the author that has the final say on their manuscript considering they put their heart and soul into it. As an author myself I would never take that right away from any of them.

I have nothing to hide nor have I ever. I will not stand for myself, my authors, or this company to be cyber bullied and if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly via email at or at facebook

No matter what lies are told at the end of the day myself and my authors know the truth, and we will not allow anyone to stand in the way of our dreams. Phoenix Fire is a family and I intend on keeping it that way.

~Tabetha Jones~
~Boss Lady~

Monday, February 17, 2014

Guest Post with Jaimie Hope

     Today we are joined with Jaimie Hope who will be addressing the hot topic of cyber bullying. This has become all too familiar in the writing community and unfortunately no one will stick together and fight against it. Cliques can form to start the bullying but cliques cannot be formed to fight the bullies themselves.

     Well, at Phoenix Fire we don't play by those rules. We stand together and if you attack one of us you attack all of us. We are like family at Phoenix and as the owner I will not stand aside and allow my authors or staff to be attacked or bullied for anything. 

     We are all here for the same purpose, to write and allow the readers to drift away to another place for a few hours, int a world we create. For some writing is therapy, and I know from experience. I wrote a poetry collection Tattooed on My Skin about my experience of abusive marriages and addiction, which a certain basher of mine ridiculed me by leaving obviously a false review on amazon because if they had actually read the book they would have known it was poetry and not a novel.

     We at Phoenix understand not everyone is going to love our work but to seek someone out and trash their work and the author themselves for no reason is plain and down right wrong. Jealously can be an ugly monster at times as Jaimie Hope will also explain. I will let her take the floor now.


Hi everyone, my name is Jaimie Hope. I signed on with Phoenix Fire to release my trilogy, The Sara Rhea Chronicles last month (January), however, Tabetha Jones and I have history together. I was a former Mystic author, but I left the company prior to my book’s release. I was fed many lies about the character of Ms. Jones when it turned the real people with the character flaw were those who were supposedly protecting me. After my eyes opened to the great things going on here at Phoenix Fire I was welcomed back and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am surrounded by the most talented people in the business on a daily basis and I am honored to have them as not only my friends, but also my family.

However, the same people who fed me the lies before are now lying about me. They’re not happy that I have found a publishing home here and in fact, I have since found out they were instrumental in sabotaging my success when I was in another company and then when I went the solo route. This past weekend it all came to a head when I was publicly attacked for a review. Why was I attack for having an opinion? It wasn’t because of a negative review, it was because not only am I an author, I am an editor as well, and I have recently began offering my services to not only Phoenix Fire, but to every author in the Indie community. I wasn’t actively stealing another editor’s clients, as was done to me over a year ago, so there was no reason for the attack. For this reason, my review was labeled as a personal attack against the editor of that book. However, I explained my stance in comments twice and both time the attacker couldn’t come up with an intelligent argument for her opinion that my review was nothing but a personal attack. It was obviously a tactic to discredit me, but anyone who reads my comments will no doubt see that not only was I respectful, but informed and completely accurate.

One point I wish I made on the comments is, yes, reader history does play a role in reviews. I have read many reviews that included comments about the author’s style and whether they stuck with it while writing their current piece, or experimenting with a new style. This gets commented on quite often and not always viewed as positive. The editor of the book in question is actually labeled as the main author, so commenting on her publishing history was very much a valid point. If you have the time, please check out the review and comments it has incited. However, I don’t know how much longer the comments will be visible as I’ve contacted GoodReads and other authorities in this matter, I don’t tolerate cyber bullying and neither should anyone else.

Rest assured the bullies haven’t stopped me at all. Book One of The Sara Rhea Chronicles, The Road That Leads to Home is set to release on June 2nd, I welcome anyone looking for an editor to contact me @, and I also host a weekly internet radio talk show, This Is How I Roll on Monday nights @ 7 pm EST that I hope you’ll check out. Tonight’s guest is Life Coach Rolanda Footman and we will be discussing break ups.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I think everyone would like to agree, that with every passing day, month, and year you become better at what you are doing. Those of us at, Phoenix Fire Publishing, are no different.

Everyday we strive to learn something new, in the rapidly evolving industry of publishing.

When you find yourself evolving with the curve, there isn't always a straight path to follow. Each new day, provides new opportunities for authors, and publishers alike. In the writing world, you will find yourself face to face with decisions that will take you and your work down a new path, filled with readers, bloggers, and excitement. With, Phoenix Fire Publishing, the pathes we choose are always evolving, and expanding with our platforms, as we extend our reach, and pushthe limits set by the growing curve of the industry.

A new year is here, 2014 is a book that has yet to be wrote, and we plan to fill every page with our journey in expanding ourselves as a publisher.

Follow us on this journey by following us, here, and on our social media platforms. Or you can take this journey with us, and push work to the next level, by submitting your work here.

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Authors and New Anthologies

We have had a lot going on over at Phoenix so please forgive me for such a late post. We have currently added several new authors to our roster and set up our anthologies for next year. We also have a branch off company through Karrie Kole for Phoenix Book Tours which just isn't for Phoenix authors but anyone needing a cover reveal or blog tour. Her contact info is listed if anyone is interested. Don;t contact Boss Lady on that one, she is the marketing Assistant and does all of that.

                  So we have releases several new books and they are available now.

 Bloody Kisses features Nikki Palomino, Carlie Rose, Karrye Angello, oey Sweete, Jodie Pierce, and R.L. Smith.

Naughty Witches and Deviant Desires is a 6 story collection featuring Anna Lovelace and Zoey Sweete for your guilty pleasures.

Wicked Wonderland is a collection of all of Zoey Sweete's erotic short stories under one cover for your sinful delights.

Beautifully Broken is an intimately raw poetry collection by Zoey Sweete that shows you a different side of the woman and picks up where Tattooed on My Skin left off.

                              With new releases we have new authors

Melina Turner has signed on for The Deathly Roses Volumes with Vol 1 releasing this Dec. and will also be featured in several of our upcoming anthologies.

We also have signed Brian M. Snuffer who will be writing under Ryder Cole and be featured in several anthologies and hopefully a poetry collection of his own.

                                      Upcoming Releases

Phoenix will be releasing the following titles this December

       And Possibly the release of Book 4 of The Draven Witch                  Series and Book 2 of The Draven Dynasty

Stay Tuned for More Info

~Boss Lady~

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Releases and Upcoming Releases

     Phoenix has had several releases in the past couple of months from installments in series, debut authors, and anthologies. We also have several coming in the next few months from poetry collections, paranormal romance, fantasy, and more anthologies. So here is a sneak peek into what Phoenix Fire has been up to and what you can expect in the upcoming months!!!!!

Recently Released:

A.J. Stewart's The Hard Road Book 1


Late night adventures often never go as planned especially when taking the road less traveled. When two young friends decide to take their late night outing and go down an old road, it turns out to be one road that is far from easy. With a turn of events unfolding before their eyes, and everything going horribly wrong, they still must face an unforeseen twist that could send not only both friends, but the universe as they know it spiraling into Hell itself….Literally.

Cover Art by Bloodmoon Designs and Phoenix Fire Graphics


For More Info visit htttp://


A.J.'s Erotic Alter Ego....

Karrye Angello's Wolf Mate Book 1 I Am Wolf Series


Lacey Adams is a struggling mother of two boys with the hope for new lives and a new neighborhood, Lacey believes her luck is changing.
            By chance or by fate, Lacey bumps into her old high school flame, Brant. One touch and her inhibitions are lost and desire consumes her.
            Now torn between Brant and her hot mysterious landlord James, Lacey can no longer resist her attraction nor her sexual obsession with James.
            Lacey will find herself caught in a war, between the reality she knows and the reality she is thrown into. Werewolves, werecats, and a mystical wereraven able to walk between worlds, all known to her as myths are no fairytale.
            She has shared her bed with both Brant and James. Who will protect her against the evil coming? And which wolf will claim her for his mate?

Cover Art by Bloodmoon Designs



Zoey Sweete's Blood Wrath The Draven Witch Series Book 3


Renee Draven the witch/vampire hybrid sent to save the mortal realm has failed. She has been beaten, bruised, and left for dead. Half of her soul has been torn away with losing her true one and loyal mate William Angelo. Now, she must look inside herself and find the strength to avenge his death, while unleashing her wrath against Demon Queen, Demya; the one who tore him away from her loving arms. But Demya is only one of many demons Renee will face. Old Ones will rise, and the King himself will lead them to chaos. Between battling the darkness that is slowly eating away what is left of her sanity, she must somehow survive the greatest battle she has ever faced. Will our heroine rise above the demons that are coming for her life or will the fate she suffers be worse than death?

                                                            Art Provide by Sam Briggs
                                                        Cover Design by Andrea Kozari



Scarlet Sins A Dark Erotic Anthology of Vampires


S.L. Dearing, Anna Lovelace, Karrye Angello, Carlie Rose, Brittany Hiester, Zoey Sweete, Willsin Rowe, and Katie Salidas



His fangs extend and graze her neck, leaving a trail of blood…he is a creature of the night, one that leaves her longing and lusting for more. Scarlet Sins will allow you a look inside the world of the erotic and beautiful creatures that crave not only blood, but sex and power. Each story will open your eyes to the sinful tales of vampires seducing their victims, taking their blood and their bodies for their own use…
Bodies entwined in blood soaked sheets, she licks his chest, running her tongue to his neck, barely breathing, life slipping…she laughs, she holds power…Scarlet Sins will you with a throbbing between your thighs, wishing it was a set of fangs buried deep within.
Join us as we take you into a world of sinister desires, and follow the trail of blood from one page to the next. But don’t worry...they don’t bite…hard…

Photography and Art by Tara Arseven
Cover Design by Willsin Rowe



Zoey Sweete's Tattooed on My Skin 

"Stories aren't always told on paper, sometimes they are imprinted on the skin... forever..."


Tattooed on My Skin is a dark collection of poetry that takes you into the mind of Zoey Sweete and the memories she shares on her skin. Around each dark corner of her mind she marked a story, a chapter of her life on her skin to tell a story of its own. Each line, each drop of ink will show you a peek into the madness she survived.  From demons to dark angels, each tattoo weaves a story that made her the woman she is today. Are you ready to read the madness within? Are you ready to feel each tear that rolled down her cheek, each bruise that left a scar on her soul, each memory left tattooed on her skin?

Cover Art by Bloodmoon Designs



Jennifer Oneal Gunn's In the Shadows of Darkness


Come with me into the shadows, where darkness is your friend and your fears only linger in imagination. Step inside a world of the wicked and open you up for the unpredictable. Shadows can be a friend to you when the world leaves you alone and cold. Are you ready for the madness? Are you ready to take a walk into the darkness?

Art Provided By Jennifer Oneal Gunn
Cover Art by Tabetha Jones and Bloodmoon Designs



Upcoming Releases

Misery Loves Company A Collection of Dark Short Stories and Poetry

Release Date June 8th

A.J. Stewart, Carlie Rose, M.P. Smith, Faith Bloom, Zoey Sweete, Anna Lovelace, Jewels Moss, Karrie Hensley, Eris Kelli, and Cindy Franks White


Misery Loves Company is a collection of dark poetry and short stories. Some are of scorned lovers and broken hearts, others are tales of inner fears and darkest desires coming to surface for the very first time. Misery loves Company will take you into the minds of some of the greatest authors and catch a glimpse of their dark worlds, while they bring their words alive in this collection of misery at its best.

Art Provided by Sam Briggs
Cover Art Design by Phycel Designs

M.P. Smith's Ramblings of a Hopeless Romantic

Releasing July 6th


M.P. Smith shares his poetry that will touch your heart and move your soul. He takes you into the mind of a man who is a hopeless incurable romantic, still believing in love, and giving you the male perspective in prose. From love and lust to heartache and pain, these poems will open your mind, make you think twice and have you reading them again and again.

Cover Art by Bloodmoon Designs

Also Coming

Cari Lynn Vaughn's My Perfect Drug 

A Dark Paranormal Romance with a twist of time travel and vampires, showing 

that some lovers will do anything to possess the one they 


Releasing July 13th Cover Art will be provided by Sam Briggs

Cover Design will be by Bloodmoon Designs

(Blurb and Cover Coming Soon)

C.N. Pinckard's The Riftrider's Return 

A Fantasy filled action packed adventure of times passed.

Releasing July 27th

(blurb and cover art coming soon)

Lead Me to Temptation An Anthology of Pure Pleasures and Erotica

Releasing Aug. 3rd

Authors to be announced


Lead Me to Temptation is a collection of sensual poetry and erotic short stories. Take their hand as they lead you into the world of fantasy and dark lust. This anthology opens up to you the reader a collection of passion and longings, all the while touching you in places only you would do behind closed doors. Hang on for the erotic waves to hit and ride them out for tales of ecstasy and darkest fantasies, brought to light here for your guilty pleasures.

Art Provided by Sam Briggs
Cover Design by Bloodmoon Designs

Monday, April 22, 2013

Interview with Cindy White

Cindy Franks White is one of our most talented poets. I love her words, the way they touch your soul. So here is a bit of an interview with her. Unfortunately Skylynn Wicker was unable to do it due to personal reasons.

Tell me about yourself.
I am married to a wonderful man, 2 great kids, and 1 grandson with one on the way I am a animal rights believer. I have done rescue work with some really sad dogs, and have been able to give them new homes with lots of love, even was lucky enough to teach a deaf dog sign language and place her in a family that uses sign language. But my poetry is my heart’s blood.
So how did you start out as an author?
I don’t think I started out as anything but some sad kid who needed a way to vent or have to face a lot of severe consequences. I just thank Tabetha Jones for seeing something in me that I never thought possible.
Was it something you always wanted to do?
I had a few friends that told me I should write a book, but never thought it would be a reality.
Okay fun time…tell me the craziest thing you have ever done?
I jumped off a bridge into about 20 feet of water on a dare.
Would you do it again?
As scary as it was, oh heck yeah.
As I used to be the party girl you could say, are you a drinker?
I drink but not on a daily event, maybe a few times a year.
Do you enjoy staying in or going out?
I love going out and socializing.

Is being an author everything you expected it to be?
I am just getting used to being a published person. I know my friends think the world of me for going after my dream, and that makes me happy.
How hard is it to get published?
Well, since I got noticed kind of on a fluke, I really can’t say.
Tell me about the publishing company you are with?
I am with Phoenix Fire publishing, Tabetha and Eric are the greatest. They are no holds barred, honest, friendly and really funny also.
What do you currently have out that is available?
Through My Eyes by Cindy Franks-White
What works do you have in progress and can you share some details?
I am working on a book to dedicate to child abuse victims. These touch me deeply in my heart and are very hard to get out but they have a voice and need to be heard.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Never quit, you never know what you will achieve.

Find Cindy on Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble and Createspace Direct

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Effects of Being with Phoenix

With Phoenix Fire growing as a company I have been lucky enough to have a bright and brilliant team of reviewers, bloggers, betas, and authors, supporting and believing in the Phoenix cause. With new authors joining us, we have decided to start reaching out with promotions and advertising.

Now I have heard through the grapevine that we charge our authors for advertising, promoting, or even blog tours. This outrages me. I believe a publishing company should offer these things for their authors as a part of providing a service to them.

We have recently started by doing guest hosts on this blog. Allowing our Phoenix authors or even authors associated with the Phoenix family to write a guest spot and the rest of the week book them on blogs that are associated closely with Phoenix.

Another route we are working at is hosting each other on fellow authors blog spots, taking turns supporting and spotlighting one another. I believe that in this business we need to work together as a team to make a name for ourselves.

Now, throughout its time Phoenix has had its bad press, and I believe that is why the vicious cycle is starting once again. Our numbers are growing, and we are growing as not only as a company, but as authors. We do not charge our authors for any type of promotion, marketing, or blog spots. We provide pre release reviews, a launch party, swag goodies, book trailers, and now blog hosting.

The blogs that we are using right now to just start out with this new marketing idea are those closely associated with Phoenix. We will expand out to fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers, and even fans. It amazes me that people have nothing better to do than down a company for trying something new and starting small at it.

We have also taken on a Marketing Director and Pr Assistant to help us grow, and utilize every media and social outlet at our fingertips.

I do find it disturbing that there are people in this business that have nothing better to do than to slander people's good names and make posts about marketing promotions going on with a company that they are not involved in.

I also find it disturbing that there are people in this business that want nothing to do but to hurt others instead of supporting them. No wonder people find it hard to trust others in this business and always have their guards up.

Phoenix Fire Publishing will continue to do as we always have and that is take care of our authors. We will stand together against the adversity and laugh as they continue to look like fools. At the end of the day we know how our company works and our authors seem to be very happy.